Wednesday, July 26, 2006


I have read of the Beauty of the African Sunset
but I never saw it beyond the shanty line.
I never heard a lion roar- what I hear is,
M.C. Bingi toasting over a heady reggae track:
"... sauti ya Simba!"
Sweaty bodies. Gyrating.
Foot shuffling. Groins bumpin',
a loud groan...
"... he coming, huh?"
No, Komo got stabbed... Blood on the Dance Floor!
But who cares?
Play on... D.J weka tracki!
I never smelt bush fires, or the coming of the rain;
but I can smell the Herb burning.
Dinda sits behind a pillar of smoke...
suddenly, he is transfigured.
"oh, I see Moses!" he says.
"Oh, fuck it!" I say.
Moses never lived to see Cannan!
In the backroom, Aaron's rod is budding.
But Bobo has no time to marvel.
(Tayari amecheki ya Musa, Firauni, labda hata Yesu!)
She just scratches her crotch and waits for the next;
the line is seven deep...
... I hate this shit!
Not the HIV- hell life is short anyhow.
I am thinking superfecundation- Multilateral Fertilisation!
Seven kids, in the ghetto, and no daddy;
shit, pass me that bar of Geisha-
"oh baby... call me Onan!"
In the Main Bar, now, with Morio.
He has 300 Grand, in cash and a HK-11;
(Ex- GK... si u jua!)
He smells of blood and cordite.
But the Tuskers he buying don' t smell...
... of... of blood and cordite;
of lives lost and families ruined!
Soon the sun will rise in the east
Who cares?
I cannot see it passed out under the table, FUBARed-
(Fucked Up Beyond Any Recognition) -
enough to escape my demons;
atleast for today... today!
and today is all I live for...
... And that is Ghetto Livity!


Jadekitten said...

I cannot see it passed out under the table, FUBARed-
(Fucked Up Beyond Any Recognition) -
enough to escape my demons;
atleast for today... today!
and today is all I live for...

Poignant, deeply disturbing....almost morbid...but there's no escaping the demons...they are as you as you are youself...

On a lighter note, thanks for stopping by my blog :-)

gishungwa said...

Ghetto livity to the truest. you say it well have you thoguth of passing oyur stuff to KWani? or perfoming it....

sad reality

kissyface said...

Forgive me, it's nothing to do with your post, but I just read a comment you put on my site about Mme. Blavatsky. Wouldn't you know, just a month ago I went to a "channeling" session featuring the spirit of one of her contemporaries, Dr. Peebles, at a home where Theos. Soc. mtgs were once held, no less. In fact, one of their lodges is two blocks from my house. As to Peebles, charming fellow, if ever there was one. So smitten, I'm trying to get to another...

POTASH said...

Jade.. morbid sure is apt.
But there are ways to escape the demons. Escapism is the way we live.. keep it here and I will tell you!

@Gishungwa: uhm, let me not preempt anything... refer you to comments on last post.

@ Kissy: forgiven. So did you get to read The 'Secret Doctrine', I actually read it a couple of times and I also use a guide to it called 'The Divine Plan' by Geoffrey Barborka.

As for channeling, I am not into Oriental mysticism or its Occidental derivatives. I prefer African traditional necromancing... it is amazing and at least I relate to it. The rest is just for purposes of knowledge and maybe as a contemporary study.

PS: lol..I think Dr. Martin Peebles is such a restless spirit, hasn't he been seen to many times lurking on this plane for a guy who died in the '20s?

kissyface said...

I understand that there are many who "channel" The Esteemed Dr. Peebles. His name cracks me up.