Wednesday, July 22, 2009


Those who know this blog from its better days will remember a post titled Voluntary Drinking Overseas. As I have mentioned, previously that post has been professionally revised, edited and published in the Nigerian magazine Farafina. But that happened back in 1997.

Now I am pleased to inform you that my friends at the Black Campaign have not only republished it, but also made it available in PDF. That means that you can now read it online, download it and print it to read later or even (and this is highly recommended) email it to all your friends.

Alas, this might just be the thing to put in a care pack for your friend who abandoned the American dream and joined Peace Corps in West Africa. Yes that one who occasionally sends you long letters (postmarked six months previous)lamenting not so much the lack of decent coffee in her village but the fact that the only literature that comes in is USAID posters.

Download PDF

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