Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Down but not out

“I am sleepless and my mind is fuzzy...” Potash 2006

I am in Kiambu. The place I return to when things are going terribly wrong. This time round I have returned to recuperate. But the way I feel, it could be as well that I have returned to die. Returning to the village, empty-handed, to die, after living la vida loca in Nairobi. This is not the way I imagined my life would end: and he rested in poverty!

I am bedridden with a particularly virulent flu. And it has held me down for over a month getting progressively worse for the last two days that I decided to come here, twiddle my thumbs and see how it pans out.

The other day some guy asked me if I have been catching some odiero action. No comment but the idea that I have caught swine flu just keeps taking me back to the days when I was a young and vital Polysexual. And now that this flu has made me sleepless, my mind fuzzy and incapable of a coherent sentence I will take you back.

In the meantime, as you enjoy the archives, I will be here hoping to feel better and look to be back to scribbling inanities here in a day or two. Mad love.


TJ said...

Hope you get better soon, mad love back.

Sibbie said...

How are you feeling now? Any better?