Saturday, April 08, 2006


"In the beginning was the word..." john 1:1

In the beginning, Potash said: "I want to be understood, but most importantly, I want to be misunderstood... it is the only way to stay relevant" ( Frankly, that is how God stays in business; consider this: "I AM WHO I AM" -Ex 3:14)

Potash IS...

And on this third month on KBW, still is...

But it hasn't been easy, writing my street gospel. That because I am by philosophical orientation a hedonist and yet by tragedy of circumstances,life has imposed on me Ascetism. In my heart, my mind, my ego- I wear the badge of a YUPPIE but in the witch's-tit-coldness of reality, the P is for POSEUR: Young Urban Poseur!

It hasn't been easy to keep this story going this last couple of weeks. Then again the city hasn't been kind. I of necessity had to take forced leave, like a whistle blowing bureaucrat, from these scribly pursuits. And off to the village I skwalled; not a moment to bid the metropolis Adieus.

In a decripit village, in a clapboard lean to- where fowls roost on the rafters and men lay their bed rags on the sodden earth floor- I sojourned. Now my ego, that was previously crucified- accursed as a Jew would have it(Deut: 21:23)- lay in a shallow grave rent without quarter into a carcass for hounds.

But man is for hoping, cucu used to say, besides what's a Kenyan without a village: mine was a Kenyan Urban narrative but the somewhere the village lurked. Here is to its coming out: (Potash bottom- ups a hornful of muratina). Furthermore, there was the appointment with the necromancer- mundu mugo- whatever, that I mean to keep... by and by.

For those who tarried here, blessed art thou for thou shalt be quenched in this my return.

For just- passing- by folks, know ye that I do not proselytize. (There aren't even any pools in cyberspace for your baptism). Yet I am like John The Baptist- Vox Clamantis in Deserto- Making disciples. As swahili sages said: Chema Cha jiuza.

For nay saying folks, that said Potash couldn't write to save his Napshizzle: will you stoke the flames with my writings or will I finally make it, even though barely - like the Agnostic Gospel of John The Apostle- into your lowbrow Canon of Populist Literature?

Finally,to my most noble, e'en worthy, brethren: ye that are circumcised in the mind; most Orthodox in Potashian Doctrine; Defenders of the Faith; go tell it on the mountain, o'er the hills and blogs-o-where, go tell ...that Potash is back!


Girl next door said...

Your writing is so deep that I had to look up some definitions before I commented! My motto is 'learn something new every day.' I tend to be a pragmatist of sorts. Getting back to village roots must have been quite a change for an urbanite like you. (It's the opposite for some of us.) Talking of baptism, I remember being so fascinated by the process.

Godknows said...

Interesting post. Thanks for stopping by

Instigator said...

Good to have you back!

POTASH said...

@Girl: Yeah the village is hard, what with me trying to get into the finer details of MArxian Dialectical Materialism in the changaa den?

@God Knows...thanks for passing by
Instigator too.