Monday, February 15, 2010

#PoBo #1

I. Internet killed the toilet cubicle star…

{passage redacted}

II. I spent Valentine’s Day with two of my exes: pen and paper.

We agreed to spend a lot more time ménage a trois.

III. We were rebels, raiders of tombs that prison lost revolts…

{passage redacted}

IV. Not fighting souls but book adventurers. Knight Commanders of Idea.

Timi loved travel writing. Too bad he never read much of it. I always loved travel writing. But I never read much of it neither. Books weren’t there, not in the way they are, in my life now… I mean, I have picked up a decent library, now, been able to fill my space with books. Well, it is a minute space but for what, 30 books? That is the fucking University of Alexandria where I am coming from.

Coming soon: #PoBo.

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