Wednesday, May 30, 2007


Soundtrack: Bloodline, Slayer
“I’ll kill you and your dreams tonight…”

Momentary madness. Seasons of darkness. But escape… escape paths elude me. Is it the time to die. Today. Tonight. I do not wanna die.

In some places we live, but in most we die. We die in mind, in spirit- but in the physical realm, we live.

Zombies: Wanderers in spaces beyond our perceptively challenged selves.

How do we know dreams. How do we experience them when the subconscious cannot exist unless as a sequel to consciousness. The consciousness that we lack. The subconscious is the staging point of Living and the conscious its aftermath. Those who sleep dream, those who wake live but we slip and slide-- from one pseudo-world to the next.

My mind has taken off to Perdition.

Here is libation...

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Girl next door said...

Your statement "we die in mind, in spirit" is so true--we often go through the physical motions of life just coz we have to even when the heart isn't there.

But I believe the spirit is immortal and can be resurrected when the time is right.