Wednesday, April 11, 2007


Part the First

Behold I have risen

Kasha Omoka the- Holy of Holies; Excalibur; The Holy Grail- zenith point of our dreams stands before me.

Let Judgment Day dawn on me now. I will stand fearless before Anubis, Baal, Osiris, YAHWEH; whatever the duty God might be.

I have paid my dues to The Canon.

I am ready to die;

to shed this vessel of mortality.

I will not have died in vain

Ave Potashius:

Noblest of Nairobi’s sons.

He liveth.


Potashius Nairobus

I am who I am!

Part the Second

My Narcissus Vs. Your Nemesis

(As it was written in the scrolls of the Butterfly People- there will be wars and bloggings of war.)

Because in the circles of writers my name is mentioned,

You traded Wadua the Necromancer for Nemesis.

On her steed you ride charging at I that is Narcissus.

Nemesis- puny goddess not fit for the least of my orgies;

Where I do all races and complexions, screaming:

“If my penis were a chameleon, I would be shooting rainbows!”

And the world over beyond the embrace of the Literati-

Who have learnt to say my name in scholarly ways:

Nairobus, Potashius, (Circa Unknown BCE to Immortality).

And the name spread, not through the phalluses of conquistadors,

To be drank from more vessels than the Lachryma Christi-

Deflowered damsels suck you in memory of me!

I called out for the intercession of the tribunes,

But they all lay beneath masochistic clouds of dragon smoke.

Valiant soldiers with promise now by Napshizzle emasculate.

As you asps gnaw at my feet, my rod twins with Asclepius’-

I become the Light Bringer; the Ghetto’s Illuminati.

Behold, unto you a prince is born!

(If you my kindred spirits put the Con into Consensus)

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Brazen Narcissus,
How can we call on Nemesis for what is fair?
Those scrolls are not yours to bear.
If you are who you claim to be,
Speak to us in babee..
Wadua akinaa; Sapotashi akinwae tu!