Wednesday, November 05, 2008


I am excited for Obama and for America but I am saddened for Kenya. While the 'fierce urgency of now' must see Obama resuscitate the ailing American economy we, Kenyans, are celebrating his election to that duty by ruining our own economy.

What, pray tell, was the Government of Kenya thinking when it declared Thursday, 6th November a public holiday?

The best way for all progressive thinking Kenyans to celebrate Obama's victory is to work on bringing political change to this country from the bottom up. To not just sit and grumble about the inanity of our political discourse and the Bush-esque tyranny and divisive stance of our tribal chieftains but to rally one Kenyan at a time towards the embracing of a new political dispensation.

The time is now to move away from the press conferences and donor driven palavers; the yelling of empty threats at politicians from the shelter of posh NGO offices, by the 'activist-elites' and speak directly to our families and friends.

If America can, why can't we? We cannot because those who purport to preach the change gospel love to write concept notes, strategic plans, jingoistic communiques, jargon ridden country reports and Op-ed columns from here to new York City while the opponents of change are out in the field- face to face with the 'real Kenyans- handing out machetes and vitriol.

If you love Barrack Obama, spend your public holiday tomorrow talking to Main Street- tell them that, even here in Kenya, WE CAN!

To bastardise JFK, ask not what Obama can do for your country but what you can do for it.

Tuesday, November 04, 2008


I gave a girl a flower...
Unless I have sex with two Jersey bulls and write about it, this blog and Potash as you have always known him is dead.